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Replace conflict in your relationships with cooperation.
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Consultations and Counseling for Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse
by Dr. Brian Quinn, LCSW, Ph.D.
Frustrated because your Depression is not getting better?

Suffering from depression or bipolar disorder? Do you have marital problems or are you struggling with alcohol or drug abuse? I can help. I provide in-person counseling and psychotherapy in Huntington, NY to help people overcome these problems. I also provide phone consultations for people not in my area who have depression or bipolar disorder that is not getting better. I have an in-depth knowledge of the research showing which medications, types of individual and family counseling methods, and nutritional and alternative approaches work best for depression and bipolar disorder. I can give you new treatment options to discuss with your therapist or doctor. I also help young adults who are stuck at home (and their parents) figure out how to get their lives moving forward.

Call for an appointment today. (631) 424-5042 You will get a return call from me within hours.

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